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Acoustic, Thermal, Waterproofing and Others

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Count on more than 40 years of experience developing projects, running them and providing consulting services to architectural, engineering and construction firms, providing an architecture that includes acoustic comfort, thermal and other forms that aim at maximum sustainability for housing, office, retail, industry, recording studios, radio stations, television studios, auditoriums, churches, cinemas, theaters and the full range of activities that may require such services.



Combining the Plastic, Technical and Sustainability Attributes




Green Roofs, Ecological Drainage, Ascendant Humidity, Alternative Energy Sources, Reserves for the Use of Rainwater, Wastewater Reuse.

Positioning of Arch-Tec

1. When the creation of our architectural projects, issues of sustainability and environmental comfort are already entered in the context.

2. Arch- Tec positions itself as a partner of architectural firms , engineering and construction companies , aiming to give technical quality of environmental comfort to their projects.

3. Subject to aggregate and sensitively the Laws of Nature applied in architectural environmental comfort , specifically in architectural acoustics and thermal comfort, one may well produce such content using the most basic materials and less industrialized high-tech products , reducing this so the cost of a work. Knowledge of the facts is crucial.

National congress of brazil, an architectural project that conciliate, with total property, function and form. A true conceptual architecture, a three-dimensional expression of human behavior, wich tells the story of a nation.

Epidaurus theatre, a masterwork of the ancient greek architecture, the first undeniable example that architecture and a high quality architectural acoustics, combined with natural ventilation, are done with knowledge of cause, watching the laws of the nature. And all without hurting the natural landscape.

Ecumenical chapel of the presidential palace, brasilia-df, brazil, simplicity and property in tribute to the great architect of the universe, where acoustic and thermal comfort show themselves irreversible, without any use of electronic equipment and/or electromechanical .

Sydney opera house, majestic combination of high quality architecture with emphasis on the involucre geometry, which is responsible by substantial portion of the perfect internal audibility and of the required natural ventilation.

Science central institute of brasilia university, graceful example of combat combination against insulation with natural ventilation, adding exaltation to the designed landscaping.

Singapore university building, wonderful example of natural thermal insulation, made possible by green roofs, where the designed landscaping is in line with the natural one.

Technical-Educational Literature

Architectural acoustics – 2nd ed.

Arch- Tec has developed, throughout its history, technical / educational material about environmental comfort, specifically in the areas of architectural acoustics and thermal comfort. The available material of Architectural Acoustics is already being used as a query by architecture and engineering schools, it´s also being used to train technicians and sellers of industries producing acoustic materials , and even by construction companies in the pursuit of excellence for their final products.



Keeping our customers satisfied is the main value for Arch-Tec. Our guests can expect of our team not only technical excellence but also a stance that seeks to create and maintain long-term relationships based on common goals, integrity and commitment to understanding and meeting the customer needs.

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Architectural Confort

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