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Opinions and Statements

What they say about arch-tec

Real Engenharia Ltda, an engineering company headquartered in Brasília - DF, with operates in the branches of Construction and Incorporation for more than 30 years, concerned to meet the guidelines of the Standard Performance ABNT NBR 15575/2013, sought new partnerships in the market for the development of our new projects. Among the new partners, we have the cooperation of ARCH-TEC Company who gave us advice on the development of architectural design, structure, facilities and other complementary projects, in order to achieve the Standard quoted in the categories Thermal Comfort, Comfort Acoustic and Waterproofing in three projects to be implemented, with total construction area of 60 000,00m². We recommend and we appreciate the participation of ARCH-TEC, for its performance, participation and guidance throughout the development of the work, interacting with the authors of other projects, always in a positive way, correcting and pointing the best technical solutions to every detail of every project . Finally, we thank the architect Régio Paniago the patience to pass on part of his vast technical knowledge of the mentioned areas.

Antonio Carlos Barbosa
Engineering Director
Real Engenharia Ltda.


The ORCAP (Faith Based Capuchin Organization of Central Brazil), present in Central Brazil (TO, GO, MS and DF), can say definitively found the company that came solve the many problems we had in our facilities (Aguas Lindas-GO, Campo Grande-MS, Goiânia-GO and Brasília-DF) and well so thank publicly Arch-Tec by the partnership, work and readiness in these eight (8) years of work and great success! Arch-Tec through its professionals is witness to how were our spaces / rooms. These spaces that left much to be desired as to offer to members appropriate housing conditions. Today we can say that much learned from the company, especially with regard to previous studies for the architectural design and the correct execution of works, incorporating the issues in the context of thermal comfort, acoustic comfort, lightness, ventilation, waterproofing and moisture up. Thank you for the ability to design, to the professionals, when considering the specificities of the local climate, natural light, environmental comfort, energy efficiency in view of architectural design in the light of bioclimatic sustainable development. Prior visits to the locals where the projects were going to be executed, which were made by Arch-Tec professionals, we understand today that were to meet environmental conditions to have a correct idea of all the particulars as perception of the winds, sun path, acoustic noise and vegetation. Concern for the final product always begins in this initial phase. The expectation of ORCAP regarding Arch-Tec was overcome very positively. We cite as an example of innovation the Chapel of the Residence of Friars Minor Capuchin in Campo Grande-MS and the Residential Complex in Goiania to be executed. The environmental comfort offered, performed ventilation in buildings are crucial to affirm that there was a real adequacy of the design to the environment. Finally, we talk of infiltration problems we had in our previous homes not built by the Arch-Tec in Aguas Lindas-GO and the very ORCAP headquarters in Brasilia: water tanks, slabs, tiles and internal and external plasters deteriorating by the continuous action of water originating from rising moisture; all were healed. In the new projects designed and executed we have the guarantee of durability, well-being and that we will enjoy the benefits of correct waterproofing works. No doubt the ORCAP in customer condition, can say they are fully satisfied with the work of the Arch-Tec. Congratulations!

Frei Firmo Antão de Sousa
Provincial Treasurer


Fox Engenharia e Consultoria LTDA would like to express satisfaction with the work of the company Arch-Tec, represented by architect Régio Paniago. The works were delivered with speed, meeting the agreed deadlines. The necessary modifications of the project were met in a timely manner and the work met the expectations of the end customer. In view of the above report, Fox Engenharia recommends Arch-Tec for being fully satisfied with their work, expertise, friendliness and promptness in attendance.

Débora Ximenes Ponte Cavalcante
Office Coordinator
Fox Engenharia e Consultoria LTDA


The experience I had in working in partnership with Arch -Tec can show that the company has an expertise in their provided high quality services, bringing solutions into the project beyond expectations. The support service is really different, demonstrating the competence and the commitment to deliver a quality service. Working alongside to Mr. Régio Paniago is in addition to a partnership, an apprenticeship.

Fausto Coutinho Vieira dos Santos
Coordinator Architect
ACECO TI S/A – filial Brasília- DF


I congratulate the company Arch-Tec, in the person of Mr. Régio Paniago, for the competence, dedication, integrity and timeliness in the development of deployment services of the new premises of ASSISEFE upon the acquisition of our new facility to better serve our members. Direct monitoring of works made possible great integration between ASSISEFE and Arch-Tec, settling doubts and clarifying points to better fit our needs to the initial project. All issues raised have been studied, discussed and analyzed aiming to ensure better functionality and use of space, lighting and ventilation of the environments. This direct monitoring was primarily responsible for the timely delivery of the work, causing great impression for any board and earning praise from around the collegiate. Our facilities are of praise from all who visit us for the functionality, beauty and practicality, and even strangers requesting to ASSISEFE visits to the headquarters to observe the use of space. With all this, only left thanks to Mr. Regio Paniago for the dedication and competence, facts that lead us always to recommend this company to everyone who consult us.

Maria Elisa Stracquadanio
1st Vice President of ASSISEFE
Association of Inactive Public Servants and Pensioners of the Federal Senate


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