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Thermal insulation

It consists of reducing the exchange of heat between the external and internal spaces of an environment through its enclosures (walls, ceilings, doors, windows, etc.).

The materials have the ability to convey heat from one surface to the other; the thermal energy incident on an outer face is drawn into the interior of the enclosure by altering its internal temperature.

Arch-Tec proposes solutions using enclosures composed of materials or by combinations of different materials, whose low thermal conductivity has the property of delaying the time of conduction of heat (thermal energy) to the environment.

We also use materials of medium or high conductivity, as long as they are associated with other materials with low conductivity. The evaluation is based on the mass and the thermal conductivity of each material present in the system.

Arch-Tec designs, scales and accomplish projects according to each specific case, using systems such as mass / spring / mass and green ceilings, always complying with national and international technical standards.


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