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Architectural Acoustics

Noise of impact on floor slabs

In most cases this approach is given on top of the slabs, when it comes to building construction.

Talking about inhabited buildings, the treatments that we observed simply consist of the adoption of various coatings on the apartment that receives the noise, just below the roof slab, with a space filled with mineral wool, foams, etc. These interventions are empirical, not technical consistency, since the process of vibration of the slabs also promotes the vibrations of beams, columns and walls, which are secondary sources of noise.

That said, Arch-Tec has endeavored to study the issue, evaluating the strengthening of slabs through it lower sides, analyzing the resulting structural deformations (which usually undertake ceramic floors, e.g. the floor immediately above) and adopting the addition of mass to the system, compatible with the possibility of loading of the support structure of the building.

This thesis work is in an advance stage, with very satisfactory well under way, with very satisfactory results, that in medium terms could result in educational materials (textbook) and, in the short term, start the first concrete attempts to start selling specific services.

Architectural Acoutics & Thermal Comfort


Arch-Tec  understands that the subject is not exhausted. The excellent aesthetic aspects of the dividers now available in the market are not enough, but mainly technical consistency of the issues promised (and sometimes not met) of acoustic insulation, sound absorption, thermal insulation, in-combustion, aspects associated with transfer, replacement of parts, support structure, impact resistance, etc.
The search for alternative materials, adequately composed with the conventional, has been the key note of this initial phase study, not to mention the cost of production and marketing, fundamental for the viability of the contract.

Waterproofing with Thermal Comfort

Cured concrete treatment

Seeking new international trend, also Arch-Tec is investing in the search for consistent and lasting solutions for flexible filling the pores, capillaries and micro cracks of concrete and armed mortars, blocking water penetration, thus ensuring the protection of the structure armor.

The direct treatment of the reinforced concrete is in a liquid waterproofing based on sodium silicate, which enters the pores, capillaries and micro cracks in the concrete, and in a chemical reaction with the calcium ions from calcium hydroxide of the cement and water hydration creates a semi-flexible complex mass embedded in the concrete; this complex mass is re-hydratable whenever the presence of water, blocking subsequent micro cracks caused by structural deformities.

It is add to this technology the increase substantial thermal insulation via reinforced concrete slabs, since the complex mass constitutes good performance of thermal barrier to this purpose.

Laboratory research is in its final stages, and since 2013 we have done the first practical tests with customers who admitted technological innovation, without which to date have returned to these works by way of any corrective maintenance.

See here the technical expertise certificate provided by a client.


Architectural Confort

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