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PR House
– Single family home in Paraná. Structure of wood, ceramic masonry, stone masonry and roofing in ceramic tile.

TO House
-Residence single family in Tocantins. Structure in reinforced concrete and green roofs.

House GO
– Single family house in Goiás. Structure in reinforced concrete, ceramic masonry and tile roofing.

Office building
– Office Building in Paraná.

Shopping Center Urbano
– Urban shopping center in the Federal District.

– Hospital in Goiás.

– Hotel for ecotourism in Goiás. Reformulation and extensions of former residence of Catholic friars.

– Hotel in Goiás.

SINPD Auditorium
– Auditorium in the Federal District.

Auditoriums and Related
– Auditorium in a convention center in the Federal District.

Small arena theater

Methodist Church
– Methodist Church in the Federal District.

Franciscan Religious Temple
– Franciscan religious temple in Goiás. Capacity for 1200 people, being unnecessary the use of microphones and speakers, provided with natural ventilation.

– Monastery in Tocantins.

Large field
– Franciscan Seminary in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Radio Studio
BROADCASTING Studio in São Paulo.

Television studio
– Television studio in Goiás.

Music Studio
– Music Studio in the Federal District.

Power Plant Command Cabin
– Concrete plant command booth in São Paulo.

Metallurgical industry
– Industrial noise coming from industry in Goiás.

Large Noise Attenuator
– Noise attenuators for large external engine and engine installations in the Federal District. Enclosure of large external air conditioning system installed in residential area.

Aeronautical Noise
– Combating the effects of aeronautical noise in various buildings located near airports (illustration of aeronautical noise zones of Brasília International Airport – DF).

Electric Power Generation Group
– Electricity generating group in the Federal District.

Acoustic Barriers
– Acoustic barriers to airborne noise.

Rural Noise
– Rural noise of gas compression station in Minas Gerais. Attenuation of noise produced by the equipment (five in-line compressors plus one backup, with a total simultaneous production of noise of 130dB (A)) installed outdoors in the rural area with nearby urban area.

Urban Noise
– Urban noise in a pocket of the Amazon river in Amapá. Urban and residential planning with respect to urban noise and natural ventilation (with possible use of prevailing winds).

Attenuation of noise and vibration processes
– Brasília-DF: Architectural acoustics to enclose equipment for the production of concrete artifacts, combating the effects of aerial noise and vibration processes in several residences located nearby.







Architectural Confort

SIA Trecho 3 – Lt. 625 – Bl. B – Sala 229 – Ed SIA Centro Empresarial – Brasília-DF – CEP: 71200-030

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