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Impact Noise

They are those that derive from any impact on a surface: falling objects, hammers, steps, drums, animals, among others, including the dragging of chairs and any furniture.

These noises are propagated from one space to another through the structure of the building. Floor slabs, walls and roofs are susceptible to the transfer of shocks on their surfaces. The larger the mass of the structure, the smaller the transmission.

To contemplate our neighbors downstairs from ours, Undeniably, the best way to absorb this kind of noise is the adoption of soft materials, such as floors and rubber mats, in the finishes of the slabs.

It is not always possible to use soft floors in all environments. Under these circumstances the reduction of the transfer of impacts can be made through the use of floating floors on elastic bases.

If we want to protect ourselves from a neighbor above our floor, the adoption of linings under the slabs contributes very little to the attenuation of impact noises. Even worse: depending on the distance from the liner, the system can be a “drum”, enhancing the noise. The solution will be to use suspended dampers to pull these linings

Arch-Tec designs, manufactures and installs various solutions for each specific case, such as floor slabs, lining and metallic cover, always meeting national and international technical standards.


In special situations of makeup vibrations and motors in general, an appropriate system of floating base on elastic base and by us scaled and executed


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